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Importance of Experience

5 Precautions You Can Take To Protect Your Excavation Workers

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All earthworks (digging through layers of soil or rocks) are potentially risky for the personnel involved. In order to protect your workers from these risks, implement the following precautionary measures. Hazardous Fumes Excavation sites are susceptible to the accumulation of toxic fumes from trapped underground gas, fumes from diesel or petrol equipment and natural gas lines. In order to protect your workers from these fumes, you should get utility maps so that you have advance knowledge of where gas lines pass. This will help your workers...

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What Are The Various Types Of Construction Rivets?

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Rivets are used as permanent mechanical fasteners used in a variety of construction-related applications. Before rivets are installed in any application, they are made up of cylindrical shafts that have heads on the opposite end of the shaft. Once installed, rivets are positioned onto drilled or punched holes before the rivet’s tail is bucked or deformed so as to ensure that the rivet is firmly held in place. The various types of rivets used in the construction industry are discussed below. Solid Rivets These are also referred to as...

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